Now the Department of Passport, Nepal has started issuing e-passport instead of  Machine Readable Passports (MRP).  However, MRP system is still used  sporadically but will be phased out eventually.  The Embassy has recently installed the e-passport facilities, therefore, the  service seekers can now visit the Embassy in-person to apply for the e-passport. The e-passport system is based on biometrics where the applicant’s fingerprint &  signature will be collected electronically and a live photo will be taken. The documents required to make/renew new passport are as follows:

  • Copy of existing passport/original existing passport
  • Citizenship Certificate/Copy of citizenship certificate
  • Visa documents issued by the host government authority.
  • For the lost passport the applicant has to submit the local police report.
  • The passport fees for new passport is US $ 80 /Sri Lankan Rupees 28,720/- (subject to revision according to exchange rate). For the lost passport, double fees is charged (US $ 160).


For detail information, please visit The Department of Passport of Nepal