Hand written passports are totally stopped. Now the Machine Readable Passports are issued from the Department of Passport at Kathmandu. The Embassy collect the passport forms together with other supporting documents and send it to the Department of Passport in Kathmandu for printing works. The documents required to make/renew new passport are as follows:

  • Two duly filled application forms
  • Two colour photographs as specified by Department of Passport.
  • Copy of existing passport/original existing passport
  • Citizenship Certificate/Copy of citizenship certificate
  • Visa documents issued by the host government authority.
  • For the lost passport the applicant has to submit the local police report about the lost.
  • The passport fees for new passport is Sri Lankan Rupees 15920/- (subject to revision according to exchange rate). For the lost passport double fees is charged (31,840 LKR).


For detail information, please visit The Department of Passport of Nepal