Message from the Ambassador

We would like to welcome you to the website of the Embassy of Nepal in Sri Lanka. Nepal-Sri Lanka diplomatic relationship was established 60 years ago on July 1, 1957.  The multidimensional relationships and unfathomable commitment to the principles of peaceful coexistence, sovereign equality, and understanding of each other’s aspirations and interests have been the fundamentals of Nepal-Sri Lanka relationships. Sri Lanka is aggressively moving ahead in the formulation and execution of reform agenda for sustained development. Nepal also has set the vision of graduating into a developing country by 2022.

We intend to make this website a window through which one can find basic information on bilateral trade, export, investment opportunities, and tourism. Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha is a holy place for Sri-Lankan Buddhists. Therefore, pilgrimage tourism has good scope.

Both countries signed bilateral trade agreement in April 3 1979. The provision in the agreement allows MFN treatment, offers reduction or the elimination of tariff, removal of quotas and compliance on no trade barriers. In January 2009, new revised Air Services Agreement (ASA) was signed to start direct flights between Kathmandu and Colombo.

Embassy of Nepal would be happy to share information on Nepal’s recent policy changes to promote bilateral economic activities. Nepal’s priority export potential sectors such as in agro-based products, craft and manufacturing, and services could be cost-effective in Sri Lankan imports. Transfer of technology, knowledge and skills in selected sectors from Sri Lanka and Nepal where there exists complementarity can be shared. Transfer of skilled and semi-skilled professional at various categories can be identified and used by both the countries.